Hi, I'm David De Wulf

Software Engineer

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About Me

I have always been passionate about coding, which is why after 15 years as an optician I have decided to seize the opportunity to turn my passion into a career through a Computing Sciences Bachelors.
Throughout hackathons, Open Source projects and online certifications (OpenClassrooms, WesBos, Udemy, FreeCodeCamp …etc).
I have since then been able to build my own projects, contribute to team projects and join ever-expanding developer communities like c0d3.com without ever stopping to learn.

Always looking to improve my set of skills, I am genuinely curious, particularly meticulous and have an eye for detail which is why I am committed to building a clean, reusable, and easily maintainable well-commented code.

I am currently specialized in Front-end development and actively working on projects including building a FullStack App with ReactJSon the front-end on my spare time.

Interested in collaborating? Please reach out HERE. I look forward to speaking with you soon, be it hiring or building a website remotely.